Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost, Weight Lost, Snow Lost

Since today is the 31st, and in keeping with my tradition of posting once a month, I thought I would post. A few random thoughts:

1. The Body Mass Index is lame. According the the official government thingamabob, I am obese. Well, fine. I started my diet when I hit 260 lbs, and I'm currently down to 225. My own personal goal is to dip under 200, and then see what happens from there. Well, guess what? at 200, I'll still be considered Obese. I have to get down to 170 to be considered "normal".

2. Appointment TV resumes tonight. Today is the first day of February sweeps, and what better way to kick it off (and kick the reality TV duldrums) than with the season premiere of LOST!!!!! It's hard to swallow only getting 8 episodes (half a season) due to the strike, but I'm so flipping excited to see where the story goes now.

3. Did you know that we got six inches of snow on Sunday night here in Eugene? It's pretty much history, except for two small piles in our backyard that had been a snowman and a mini-hill for sledding.

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