Monday, January 03, 2005


Today the team name has been officially changed to The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Ok, I'm not one of those retarded Angels fans that is going to denounce the team, and say that I won't be a fan anymore, only to continue to fill the stadium year after year. I understand the principle behind it, although I REALLY don't like it. Although I have nothing personal against Los Angeles as a city, I despise what "Los Angeles" represents in the sports world. When I was a kid, I loved the Showtime Lakers, but I don't even like The Association any more, so I just don't care about Kobe & Co. And Duck the Fodgers. I HATE the boys in blue. I HATE chavez Ravine. I won't go to a game at Dodger Stadium, because I value my life and my car.

I DO NOT want my team to be called the LOS ANGELES anything. I know that this will possibly bring stronger T.V. revenues and therefore more money to put a better product on the field (which of course has been working so well for the Yankees the last few years). And I also understand that Anaheim is too localized. But don't call us something that we are not. I would have been happy to change it back to the California Angels, afterall, we ARE in California. I would have been happy with the Southern California Angels. But NOT Los Angeles.

I still like Arte Moreno, for everything he has done for this team, but I don't like the plan to become more attractive to hispanic fans because, call me a racist if you want (even though I'm not), it's only going to turn US into the Dodgers with the lowest quality and caliber "fans" in baseball.

Oh well. Still the defending AL West champs, still going back to the World Series next year.

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chris said...

wow, that's Ghey with a capitol G, a gh-, and an 'e'. i'm no sports fan, but now i'm an extra-not angels fan. i think they should add "brought to you by Edison" on the back just to make it ultramega cool. "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim brought to you by the proud folks at Edison".