Monday, October 17, 2005

Better late then never...

I haven't posted in forever. Sorry about that. I've been a little busy since we returned from the East Coast and the GREATEST CONCERT OF ALL TIME (I'll try and post on that later). The biggest news of all: I got a new job! I will be leaving Concordia and I will begin my job as the first Sports Information Coordinator at Citrus College in Glendora on November 2nd. It's a very exciting time for our family.

This will be a shorter commute (same distance, better traffic) and it's a 40-hour per week position. While I will still work quite a few nights and weekends, the 40-hours will keep me home ALOT more than I am at Concordia. Although I'm actually taking a pay cut for the first year, at a state school, I'll be getting automatic raises every year, plus any standard of living stuff that our union gets us. Praise God that he answered our prayers to get me out of a negative-and-getting-worse situation at Concordia and getting me a job that will allow me to spend more time with my family. PLUS, I'll be working for my old boss, who left in June 2004 to become the Athletic Director at Citrus.

It's kinda wierd this whole thing at Concordia. There are enough people and situations that I am unhappy with that it will be pretty easy to leave. On the other hand, I really care about a few of the people in athletics and they are the ones who will get hit the hardest by my leaving in the middle of the season. Our Volleyball coach is the BOMB and I will miss her. It sucks to leave in the midst of her season. My assistant SID is going to get hit the hardest and I feel bad for her. She's the assistant women's basketball coach and at the same time that games begin for the team, she's going to get more work on the sports information side until someone is hired. Also I fear that a lot of my work is going to get wrongfully filtered to our Assistant AD and our administrative assistant. They are two of my closest friends here. Fortunately, my favorite coach (yeah, I know, I shouldn't play favorites) is the softball coach, and his team doesn't get rolling until January, so he'll be fine.

Please keep our family in your prayers for a few things:
1. The transition of leaving Concordia and preparing things for whoever gets my job.
2. Starting a new job and all of the stresses that naturally will come with that. I have alot higher expectations on myself to make an impact right away then Citrus probably has for me, so I know I'll be taking on a heavy load right away.
3. Our financial situation. While the Lord has blessed us with a better job, it's still not a job that will pay us hardly what we need to survive (at least for a while). We are really stretching ourselves thin these days just to survive. Please pray that the Lord will bless us and provide for us.
4. Most importantly: Praise God that I got the job and that I get more time with my family!!!


Moe said...

Love you sugar buns!

Roland said...

It's just sports. They'll live.


schae said...

Please review the concert.
i cant take it anymore.

Cate said...

Yeah! So happy for all 5 of you! I'm totally there with you in terms of expecting more from yourself than your employer does. I had a total freak out earlier this season because I spazzed out. You'll be great!