Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Vacation: Two Days / U2NY: Four Days

Holy cow. I am so excited for our pending trip to the East coast. Thursday afternoon we fly out of Long Beach for Dulles. We'll get to D.C. around midnight and drive an hour to Baltimore to stay with our friends Abby and Dennis. Friday we'll putz around Baltimore, go see Camden Yards, maybe an aquarium. Neither of us has ever been there.

Saturday morning we'll leave butt-ass early for New York. We'll check into the hotel in Seacaucus then catch a ride into the city. Mel's never been there, so the itinerary will be completely her call (I've been there twice), although I do kinda want to go to the "footprint" of the WTC. I stayed at the Marriot that used to exist right under the towers and it's something I feel I need to do, pay respects and what not.

Then, Saturday Night: Madison Square Garden. The boys have sort of gotten back into a rut with the show and it's alot like it was when we saw them towards the beginning. Now they're playing Miss Sarajevo regularly, which is awesome, but not much else has changed. I'm hoping that they will mix it up on the second night in a city they are playing four shows in. I am really hoping that they play "New York".

Anyway, on Sunday we'll drive back to Baltimore and in the evening we are going to get together with Melissa's cousin Bill and his wife Alycia (I hope I spelled that right) for dinner in Virginia. Then it's home on Monday and back to work on Tuesday!


Moe said...

I am going to be crushed if we don't hear Fast Cars in New York or LA in November!

Don't forget your job interview on Thursday. Everyone be praying!

Moe said...
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