Friday, November 18, 2005

Baby on Board

HA! I just totally freaked my mom out with that headline! We were at Disneyland on Thursday and we stopped to watch The Dapper Dans, the barbershop quartet that sings there everyday. They also did the singing voices of the B-Sharps on the Simpsons. I've always wanted to ask them to sing the big B-Sharps number, "Baby on Board" and I finally asked them yesterday. They were done with their set but they still sang it. It was pretty sweet! Abby and I were singing along to the to chorus: "I'm telling you it's mighty nice/each trip's a trip to paradise/with my baby on board.


Mom said...

Funny - Jeanette and I were just talking about that today, in fact, right before I opened your blog. Is there going to be an empty picture frame for Christmas?

Moe said...

Not unless Nick knocks up some other chick!

Cate said...

The Dapper Dans are great. They were in the Pageant year before last. The came down to wardrobe & sang "Happy Birthday" to me on my 30th. They were all very nice guys. A pleasure to work with.