Tuesday, February 28, 2006

U2 Ramblings

First things first, some pretty big news. This is from Willie, the set designer for all of the U2 shows:

"Spent the afternoon in another meeting discussing the forthcoming TV and film shoots, before finally escaping from the hotel and managing a stroll to the local park."

I'm sorry, did he just say FILM shoot!?!?!?!?!?! Holy crap! That's awesome. It could be as simple as another Vertigo DVD, which I assumed we would get, but it could be more. Who knows?!? They put out two concert films with the Elevation Tour (live in Boston and U2-Go-Home at Slane Castle), So an international sibling to go along with the Chicago DVD would be awesome.

Second - Why they heck can't we get the best set lists of the tour in the US!?!?!?!? Over the first five or so dates on the tour, rarities have snuck into the set such as The First Time, Mothers of the Disappeared ( a Joshua Tree gem), All I want is You and Love Rescue Me. I'll be really bummed if they randomly play The Sweetest Thing or Staring at the Sun and I'm not there for it...

Third - I'm starting a petition to get the stadium shows back into the US. They have to do it. They just have to. They'd only have to hit major markets. Just do shows in L.A. (probably the Rose Bowl, but Anaheim would be cool), NY (at the Meadowlands), Chicago, Boston, Houston and, of course, Autzen Stadium in Eugene!!!!


chris said...

i read somewhere last week (forgot where, maybe atu2.com or lookingcloser) that the new shoots where going to be an imax flim. in 3d. without any type of glasses.

Jeremy said...

I think they could do stadiums in major markets. The mistake they made on PopMart was doing them everywhere, so they were unfilled due to the large amount of tickets available. If they stuck to a max of 2 cities per time zone and only one show per city (I'm thinking something like LA, Seattle, NY, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix) the demand would be so great that I think they'd do quite well. They could do arenas for other cities, but the uniqueness of a stadium date would make it worthwhile.