Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Been Awhile

So I haven't posted any actual text on this blog in ages...Still kickin' it in Eugene solo. I love my job and love the people I work with. I just hope that I can have my family with me soon! Outside of work, I've had a little extra free time, but no money, so that has translated into the following activities:

1. Fantasy Football - This season I am in five leagues - The Bankers Bunch (see link on the right) which I've been in for 8 years, the Cramer League, which by my count I've been in for 11 or 12 years (I don't know if we started my junior or senior year in high school), a church league up here and a work league up here. Plus with The Hutch Bros and T-Boy we do a four-man league that we draft over the internets. The other four we all do live drafts for (two this weekend!). Needless to say, when my family and i are back together, I won't even dream of doing this much. Too much time away from home for the drafts. I'll stick to the SoCal ones, where I'll be drafting on-line anyway.

2. $1.50 Movies - We have a cheap theater here, so i've actually been able to see quite a few movies this summer. I usually sneak into a second movie, so really, my movies are costing $0.75. Not bad.

3. Poker! - I actually got to play poker on Sunday night for the first time in MONTHS. A person I work with does a $5 buy-in tournament with her friends from Church and they invited me this week. Only four of us showed up and I finished second, so I kept my $5. Sucky the way I got eliminated. We were heads up and our chip stacks were pretty even. After some agressive betting on both parts, the board read 8-10-J-9 (the 9 came on the turn). I had 7-J suited, so I had been agressive with top pair. I got my straight on the turn and went all-in. The second she called me, I knew she had a queen for the higher straight, and that was all she wrote. She had Q-10 off-suit, so I was suprised that she was keeping up with my agressive betting the whole way.

4. TV - We're getting cable in the apartments today! (I live in a campus apartment right now). I have been living off of high-powered rabbit ears since I got here. I have a good signal on ABC, CBS and NBC and a decent black-and-white view of Fox. Now I'm going to have a clear picture on all of those, just in time for the fall seasons to start! Oh yeah, and a little thing called ESPN...just in time for football season. I'll have another TV post at some point.

5. Church stuff - I was blessed to walk into an awesome church group right away up here, since our friends Katie and Craig are already here and Craig is the Associate Pastor at Calvary Fellowship. On monday nights a bunch of people get together and do some fun activity at the church (Bocce ball, frisbee golf, etc.) and then we go to the music leaders house for a firepit, roasting smores and dogs. Then we usually play some sort of group board game. That has been fun and a great distraction my loneliness.


Brant said...

If you're gonna play online poker some night, we should hook up. I like to play online every now and then and would love the company. Plus, FullTilt is running freerolls for the Aussie Millions tournament right now.

Email me or IM me (I'll email you my IM names, rather than post).


Nick said...

Well, I don't have a computer up here in Oregon, just my work one. Can't really download poker software! Besides, I only do free-money tournaments when I play online - I don't want to set up a cash account, too dangerous for me with the addictive tendencies (see "Spare Tire") and whatnot.