Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Idle Top-8

So for all of the zero people that still read my blog, I'm changing up my idol ranking tonight. There are three categories: The Good, The Bad and the Sanjaya. There are just four performers that I remotely care for, three that I really don't like and then, well, Mr. Vote for the Worst.

Like I've said before, at this point I just want him to stick around for the entertainment value of it all, seeing him try to tackle all of the genres. I watch T.V. to be entertained and I can't get angry about the results of American Idol. Honestly.

So first for the Good:

1. Melinda Doolittle - I was finally able to come to a decision and rank my front-runner after last night. Not that Melinda was all that super (read boring and dated), it had more to do with LaKisha making a really bad song selection and just facing that Melinda is flat better.

2. LaKisha

3. Jordin Sparks - I think she has the best "pop" hope to actually be a bankable start out of this competition, at least of the womens. Melinda and LaKisha, like Ruben Studdard before them, are very niche - old school soul performers when it comes down to it.

4. Blake Lewis - I still like this guy. Do I think he's a great singer? No, but he's darn perfect to be the American Idol regardless. And he had the only performance last night that has stuck in my head at all!

The Sanjina has to rank #5 by default. That is how far I want to see him get into the competition. Of course, I care so little this season about who really wins it, that, if he gets this far, even I might start voting for him. I would be pretty darn funny to see him get to the finals!

And now the BAD, and at this point, I just want to lump them all together: The Whore, the Wannabe and the Freaky Bald Dude. Hailey might have covered herself up a little bit better this week, but she compensated by throwing on the street walker eyeshadow and lipstick. Way to go! (SIDE NOTE: Thank you Simon for saying what everyone else is thinking: You're voice can't compete, so keep taking off your clothes every week to get the vote) I am back to wanting to kick Chris Richardson in the balls, especially after he destroyed a good Carlos Santana/Rob Thomas song. and Powder err...Phil Stacey, he just adds zero entertainment value to the show. He's lame.


Mom said...

I read it!

Brant said...

Make that two... where else can I get my obscure movie references (Powder) ? ;)

chris said...

i read your blog! thank god for rss feeds.

and i hope this sanjyia guy wins. i want nothing more to than to see american idol go down in flames.

Jeri said...

I read it. My ranking is Melinda, Blake, Jordin, and then dump the rest. LaKisha sings well but doesn't have any personality. Blake has the actual artistry with the songs he chooses even though his vocal range isn't as extensive as Melinda and Jordin. Melinda is a great singer but I feel like her song choices are like that of a 40-year-old. Jordin is a great singer and very moldable. Any way it goes, I'm happy with any of these three taking the prize.

Mark said...

I would love to see American Idol crown Sanjina too! I watched it for 5 seasons and have had enough. I watched maybe 2 episodes this year and have not missed a thing. Maybe if Sanjaya wins, they will revamp or kill the whole thing.