Monday, March 21, 2005

Hey, Remember the 90's?

I just found out that the Supertones are hanging up the horns. Just last week I bought the new O.C. Supertones greatest hits album (and Roland rolls his eyes at me) but I hadn't checked out the website until today. I'm sure that the timing is right, since they have faded in recent years, it's just sad. I'm sure that they will be having a major final show in Orange County in the fall and I will make sure I am there.

Listening to the greatest hits CD, it's really cool to hear all the old stuff again. While it wasn't the best quality music out there by any means, it was fun. It was also always a powerful worship experience at those concerts that I can never forget. I have nothing but great memories wrapped around that band.

I first heard about them when they were called "Saved" and I was one of maybe three dozen fans. I even owned their C.D. One of my favorite songs of theirs was on that album called "The Race". I was at the Saved concert at Red Hill Lutheran Church back in 1995, when they played with Plain Jane, inspiring the line from Adonai - Makes my heart beat all fast like the girl from Plain Jane (Now they sing it ...beat all fast like Rebecca St. James). I remember them climbing the rafters, stage diving off of large amps and basically having a great old time. I also saw them a few other times in south O.C. and once at my home church WCC.

I saw the Supertones perform COUNTLESS times, a few shows at the Bren Events Center, once at Irvine Valley College at some all-day festival in the middle of the summer. Saw them out in San Bernadino. Saw them at the O.C. Fair. It was a such a great time, dancing like a moron, jumping up and down in unison with 1000 other people, worshipping Christ, singing "There's no life away from You" and "God look at me I'm just a man. But you tell me I'm not just a man, so hard to understand, after all I'm just a man. God you tell me not to doubt, but I'm always plagued by doubt but you always help me out I'm so ashamed and I say, who can be against me?"

When I worked for KBBK, the Biola radio station, we got a pre-release copy of Chase the Sun. For me at that time, it was heavan. I was able to write a review of the album for The Chimes. I was in Foundations of Youth Ministry that semester, so I gave a copy of the article to Jason Carson's (the drummer) close friend and our teacher Daniel Hahn to give to Jason. I also took my pre-release copy of the CD and a copy of the article to an album signing party the night before the album was release. Jason and Matt new me from other places in the past (my youth pastor Frank Winans was also close to Jason) and they had been on "The Attic" on KBBK with Daryl and Hutch. Anyway, they already had read the article so that was cool. Just regular guys, but I got all star struck around 'em, it was wierd. AND, Matt Morginsky is only like two years older than me which is really wierd.

Anyhoo, hopefully I'll get to see them once or twice this year. They play at Wild Rivers on June 3rd and then, as I mentioned, I think they'll be back around in the fall.


BrendoMan said...

I thought that was so cool in an issue of CCM when the guys named Daniel Hahn their hero and main influence. I showed that to some of my friends and said, "that's my teacher!" Yeah, their shows were always fun.

Hutch said...

That was good times having them come on KBBK. The second time they came on they played a few acoustic songs that were in progress...all of which ended up on Supertones Strike Back. They were touring then but still took the time to hang out in the dorms and do a 2am Taco Bell run with us. Seeing them rock out on Tom Sawyers Island at Disneyland was pretty cool too (and not just because I got to meet my future wife there).