Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Globe Nominations

The Hollywood Foreign Press did some crazy things this year.

HERE are the full nominations. I haven't seen too many movies this year, so my comments will be few for those categories. I have more to say regarding the TV categories.

The Good:
* Johnny Depp got nominated for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
* Will Farrell got nominated for the Producers! (haven't seen it)
* Russell Crowe and Paul Giamatti got nominations for Cinderella Man.
* Lost got a nod for TV show - Drama! (My new favorite show, more to follow on that)
* Jason Lee and My Name is Earl both grabbed nominations!
* Other great nominations: Kiefer, Matthew Fox, Zach Braff, Naveen Andrews
* Only ONE HBO show up for best Drama (Although there were three for Comedy). This is great for those of us who only have basic cable!

The Bad:
* Since I don't watch Desperate Housewives, I don't like seeing 4-of-5 actress nominations going there.
* Nothing for CSI or Without a Trace
* Nothing for Elfman from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

The Ugly:
* Spielberg (Munich) and Pete Jackson (King Kong) got Best Director nods, but the movies were widely ignored.
* Renee Zellweger was PHENOMENAL in Cinderella Man, but no nomination.

I need to see more movies....

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Roland said...

Munich isn't even out yet, is it? It was just on the cover of Time magazine.