Thursday, December 08, 2005

Grammy Nominations

We all know that the Grammies are a big load of heaping dog crap, but you still want your favorite artists to get the recognition they deserve. The boys did this year and it was about what was expected. Five Nominations:

Album of the Year: Atomic Bomb
Song of the Year (for songwriting): Sometimes You Can't Make it...
Rock Album
Rock Performance: Sometimes (how this is a "rock" song I'll never know)
Rock Song: City of Blinding Lights

Outside of that, it was a little good, a little bad and a lot of ugly.

The Good:
* Arcade Fire got nominated for Alternative Album
* Danny Elfman got a Grammy nomination: Stop the presses! No nomination for the score or for the soundtrack, but Wonka's Welcome Song picked up a nomination opposite Aracade Fire, Wyclef Jean, Tom Petty and Josh Groban for movie or television original song.
* Beck got nominated for Alternative Album
* Fiona got a nod for Extraordinary machine (but in the "pop" category?)
* Steve Lilliwhite is nominated for Producer of the Year.
* Boulevard of Broken Dreams got a record of the year nom.
* Keane got a best new artist nomination
* Pop performance by duo or group includes Mr. Brightside - The Killers, My Doorbell - White Stripes and This Love - Maroon Five.
* Record of the year, which is supposed to be go to a fun, good, overplayed song, actually has a strong nomination list (Kanye's Gold Digga, Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl and Boulevard of Broken dreams). I guess Kanye got the token rap nomination, because 50 Cent is absent from this list.
* Michael Buble got a nom for traditional pop!
No major nominations wasted on Country Crap.

The Bad:
* Kanye West got a slew of nominations (which he deserved), and this could be the redemption year to make up for him not winning last year when he should have. This could hurt Atomic Bomb in the Album category, which is the most important one.
* Arcade Fire didn't get a best new artist nomination or any recognition for "Wake Up"
* Kelly Clarkson's stronger pop album got appropriate nominations but was far outshined by Ms. Mimi (see the ugly below).
* Sometimes... didn't crossover into the pop category to give U2 a wider range of nominations.
* Why are there FIVE latin categories, when they have their own separate LATIN GRAMMYS?
* Bruce's Devil & Dust is up for the Folk Album. Kinda wierd, but ok. Where is Amos Lee?!!?
* No nomination for Dane Cook's comedy album.

The Ugly:
* Two words: Mariah Carey. WTF?!?!?!?!?! This is proof positive that the grammies are full of crap.

* The GREAT GRAMMY HYPOCRACY: How can an album be up for the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR, if it isn't even nominated for the best album IN IT'S OWN FIELD?!?!? Such is the case with Mariah Carey. No Pop Album nomination. If there are five POP albums better than hers, why aren't THEY up for album of the year. IT'S SO RETARDED!!!!!
* The album of the year award includes Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ABOUT SALES?!?!?!? Sales, Schmales. Why not focus on music that is actually innovative and important. U2 and Kanye made the cut, fine. But where are The White Stripes, Coldplay or Bruce Springsteen. McCartney got the "maybe we'll pay tribute to his career" nomination instead of the Boss, I guess.

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Roland said...

All those "artists" together in one room could create a giant vortex of suck that could possibly cause the universe to implode upon itself. We must stop this before it's too late!