Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eleventh Not-Quite-Heaven

Week two of the Lennon/McCartney song book was a little rough. At least, worse than last week. Some of my faves had a tough go of it, but fortunately, some of the bottom tier did bad enough to keep themselves at the bottom. Thus, here are my rankings, followed by my predictions for tonight:

1. David Cook - Proved once again that he is the one guy out of this group that I might pay to listen to or see. It'll be interesting to see how he rocks out the non-rock themed weeks.
2. Brooke White - Okay, I'll admit that last night was rough, but after Let it Be last week, she had nowhere to go but down. The one thing that bugged me was SHE WOULDN'T SHUT UP! She interupted EVERY judge at least twice and I'm suprised that Simon didn't call her on it, because he hates that. Hopefully she didn't lose to much favor with America, because i want her around a long time.
3. Syesha - What a voice. She needs to stick to songs that show off the pipes and not the peppy dance and glitter performances.
4. Carly Smithson - This girl ROCKS. She's real, she's got an amazing voice, and she would have a great chance to win this whole thing....
5. David Archuleta - ...if it weren't for this guy. He was the top vote getter again (according to DialIdol) and that isn't going to change. The girlies love him. Same reason Castro will stick around awhile.
6. Amanda - Her performance was a mess, but she did what she does best. She's going to really start to lose out on the "rock vote" to David Cook, and not even Vote for the Worst will be able to save her.
7. Jacuzzi - This guy is so much fun to watch. A friend at work just compared his goofiness to Taylor Hicks. Only difference: This guy has a stronger voice!
8. Jason Castro - He's the male Brooke White. When you take the instruments out of his hands, he doesn't no what to do with himself. I'm not saying that's a bad thing (I would much rather see an actual musician win this thing). I just want to see him strap on the six-string and leave it there.
9. Michael Johns - I really liked his performance and he's slowly moving out of "no opinion" zone and into "mildly enjoyable".
10. Ramiele - Time to go. Seriously.
11. Kristy Lee Cook - Didn't do enough to save herself. She's got a pretty good country voice and i thought did a great job last night. But a lot of America will avoid her because she should have gone home a week ago.

Predictions for the Bottom Three: Kristy Lee Cook, Ramiele Malubay, Amanda Overmyer
Going Home: Kristy Lee Cook

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