Friday, May 06, 2005

Hutchins Drool!

So every season, The Hutchins, Fords and Askew's do a Survivor Pool. With five players left in the game, the last Hutchins hope was eliminated which leaves:

Moe: 2
Mark: 2
Nick: 1

Interestingly, the Askew's have the three women and T-Boy has the two dudes.

Go Katie (my last hope, above), Caryn or Jen!


Hutch said...

survivor sucks! ok not really. i'm surprised we made it this far since i had freakshow and cletus on my team and cyndi had the old guy and the only non white guy. who was it that said we stacked the deck when we pulled names?

Mark said...

Well I have a 50/50 chance now that Caryn is gone. I like my chances because Tom and Ian are such strong physical and mental threats.