Friday, May 27, 2005

Long Weekend Plans

I haven't had a good three-day weekend in forever, so I'm looking forward to some time off. Of course, it seems like every minute of the weekend is booked solid, so it'll be no rest for the weary, but that's cool. Here's the schedule for the weekend, starting when I get off today at noon (or earlier, since none of my bosses are here).

3:30 Taking Abby to her first movie ever: Madagascar
6:00 dropping the kids off at the pool (er, I mean, my parents house)
6:02 Hauling butt up to Biola to try and get to the school of ed/rosemead graduations before the read off Cyndi and Chris' names.
8:00ish Dinner with Cyndi's fam-damily. Haven't been to Bobby McGee's in a while, can't wait!
10:00ish Pick up the kids and head home

All-Day: Shop and get ready for Couples Bunco/Poker party
Time Permitting: Work on putting Eliptical machine together. I bought it for Melissa for Christmas. I finally got it out of the box on Monday night.
7:00 Couples Bunco/Poker Party.

10:15 Church
Afternoon: Rest, Relax, Work on Eliptical machine and other honey-dos
5:30 Church - The Gathering at Woodbridge Community Church. I haven't been to WCC, other than for Mark's wedding, since 2002. I've only been a few times since my sophomore year in college. I was there from age 0-18 at least twice a week. It was my second home growing up. I'm looking forward to going!

No official plans yet, but weather permitting (read: Not too hot) we might go to the Beach or Sea World or some other big fun event.

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