Thursday, August 11, 2005

Call me Miss Cleo

I predicted the bottom three AND I predicted that Brandon would go home on Rock Star last night. I rule! Of course, I didn't realize that Brandon would be going home because he forgot the lyrics to the INXS song he had to sing....OOPS!

I liked Brandon well enough as a southern fried rocker, but he clearly wasn't going to be a good fit for the band. OF the people I like the best, only Jordis, Mig, Ty and Marty have a shot at actually winning. I think Mig is the front runner, simply because he's Austrailian. Ty and Marty, I think, are the best two, though. Jordis would be killer, but she's too young and too female. I just don't see the band picking a chick.


Roland said...

god i hate trendy reality shows.

jeri said...

I think Ty is extremely overrated. He seems very fake. And I hate J.D.

Marty has a cool vibe but I don't think he has a real personality.

My favorite is Mig!