Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How I came to love a Britney song

Rock Star: INXS (8/16)

Tonight was an interesting night for Rock Star. The band hand picked the songs for each performer for a stripped down, acousticy night. Three performances rose above the rest. Also, instead of JD being on the bottom of the top crew, he's now at the top of the pile of crap that has no business being in this thing anymore. If it weren't for the fact that we get more performances from the top four, I wish they would just cut ALL FOUR of the crappy people now. The following is a ranking of the performances from last night:

1. Mig (Baby I Love Your Way) Played with just him and the piano, with him playing. Flipping unbelievable. He pulled off one of the best performances of the competition.
2. Marty (Hit Me Baby One More Time) He turned it into sort of a Violent Femmes feeling slow, angry ballad and it worked. It was still silly and when you strip away the pop in the background, you can truly get a feel for how insanely stupid the lyrics of this song are, but Marty did it in an incredible fashion.
3. Jordis (Knocking on Heavans Door) This would have tied for second, if it weren't for her slipping up on a lyric to a BOB DYLAN SONG!!!!! How do you do that?!?!?!? (editors note: I thought the lyric was "it's getting dark, too dark to see". Jordis sang "it's getting dark, too dark for me". The Dylan website says the line is "it's getting dark, too dark for me to see". While I've never heard it like that, we'll call it a wash).
4. Ty (Maggie Mae) He did this the only way he could pull it off, turning it into a Motown style song, tamborine and all. Not bad. Not a home run.
5. Suzie (Bring it on Home to Me) Not bad. Not Great.
6. JD (As Tears go By). Bad. Not terrible, but I was longing to see Mick Jagger come rip the mic out of his hand and punch him in the teeth.
7. Jessica (Torn). Bad. Really Bad. Karaoke Bad.
8. Deanna (I Can't Make You Love Me). Proving that she actually can't sing with ANY range, she turned a good Bonnie Raitt song into complete and utter drivel. She's a one-trick pony vocally, with her sultry/smokers voice. Not good enough to lead a band.

Overall Rankings (Last Week)
1 (1). Marty
2 (3). Mig - My wife's favorite. He's great and could easily lead this band.
3 (2). Ty
4 (4). Jordis - The bottom of the group that should even be considered to win this thing.
5 (5). JD - I'm so sick of him, but he's miles ahead of the next three
6 (6). Deanna - Someone has to sit on top of the crap heap.
7 (9). Suzie
8 (8). Jessica - The older Avril might skate by again....

The bottom three this week should be Deanna, Suzie and Jessica. I predict that Deanna will be going home, after proving that she just can't sing well enough.

I was wrong on my Encore prediction last week. I'm even more certain this week that Mig will get asked to sing Baby I Love Your Way again.


Roland said...

I actually watched this show tonight. Lotsa hot blondes!

jeri said...

I thought Marty did okay with Britney's song, but was suprised that so many people had never thought of it as a rock song. I've heard rock versions of Baby One More Time on the radio by both Fountains of Wayne and Travis (Travis sings it a lot in concert, actually).

I think Suzie will make a good singer... on her own, not with INXS. The same goes for Jordis.

I think Ty is completely fake and am on the same page as you with JD.

Jessica has scraped by too many times already. She's my pick for getting voted off.