Thursday, August 04, 2005

On the right side of a bad beat

Best. Tournament. Ever.

203 total entrants, I finished 16th. My goal was to make it into the money, which was the final three tables and I did that. Once we got down to 30, I was pretty short stacked and knew that I had to make a move in order to get higher. spots 22-30 all paid the same, so it didn't matter if I went out quick, I needed to try and build my stack to get to the final table. I went all-in a few times and stole the blinds, went all-in again (for about 11,000 in chips) and got called, all-in from a guy with 10,000. He had aces, I had sevens (good ole sevens, like the quads I had at MY tourney last month). Long story short, I ended up sucking out a straight with the turn and river and knocked out the aces. HUGE. I'm up to around 21,000 in chips and one hand later I knock two people out with an A-8, all of a sudden I'm up to 42,000 in chips. We condense to two tables and I'm the second biggest stack at the table. I then proceed to make a RETARDED mistake. Board comes K-A-K, three of us check around. Turn comes seven, I have Q-7, so I pair my sevens. The guy with the big stack, in first position, comes in for ten grand. I read him wrong, thinking he's trying to steal. I go all-in, he calls immediately and I know I'm hosed. He had a King and tripped up to knock me out. Still, the best I have EVER played. It's nice to know that I really do have a little skill. Maybe someday I could make a living at this.

Oh, and I lasted longer than Brian, which I had never done before, so that was nice!


Moe said...

No proffesional gambling while I'm your wife!

Hutch said...

I'm sure Nick will miss you.

Nice job man!

Jeremy said...

What was your haul?

Nick said...

It was a 25 buy-in (which was covered as a birthday present) and I walked with 40.First place was $1400. That would have been nice.