Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Random Ten

1. Pictures of Lily - The Who from The Ultimate Collection
2. Higher - Creed from Human Clay
3. Gloria - U2 from October
4. The Kids are Alright - The Who from The Ultimate Collection
5. Hey, Johnny Park! - Foo Fighters from The Colour and the Shape
6. Jumper - Stephan Jenkins and Brian Vander Ark from the Star Lounge
7. I Feel Fine - The Beatles from 1
8. The Way Things Are - Fiona Apple from When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King/What He Knows Throws the Blows When He Goes to the Fight/And He'll Win the Whole Thing 'Fore He Enters the Ring/There's No Body To Batter When Your Mind is Your Might/So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand/And Remember That Depth is the Greatest of Heights/And If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land/And If You Fall It Won't Matter, Cuz You'll Know That You're Right.
9. 300 Dollars (worth) - Mars Hill from The Scenic Route
10. Caribbean Wind - Bob Dylan from Biograph

The Random U2-10

1. All Because of You - Atomic Bomb
2. Are You Gunna Wait Forever - (B-Side) Vertigo Single
3. Another Time, Another Place - Live from Boston
4. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock - Under a Blood Red Sky
5. If You Wear that Velvet Dress - Pop
6. Pride - Unforgettable Fire
7. Walk On - All That you Can't Leave Behind
8. Twilight - Boy
9. New Year's Day - U2 - Live in Mexico City (from Hasta La Vista, Baby!)
10. Holy Joe (Guilty Mix) - (B-side) Discotheque Single


chris said...

i like the u2 random ten idea, i just might steal it.

Nick said...

I'll probably change it up every once in a while, do a Zep-10 or a Rap-10, etc.

Anonymous said...

your blog lost any sense of cool by putting creed anywhere on your top 10, let alone #2 for goodness sakes?!?!??!

Roland said...

It's not a ranking, it's RANDOM! You're supposed to put the first ten songs that pop up on iTunes no matter how embarassing. And Creed is indeed embarassing.

/off to post my random KISS 10

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