Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Random Ten

It's about time I did this.

1. It's Only Rock & Roll - Rolling Stones from Fourty Licks
2. Baby One More Time - Marty Casey from the Best of Rock Star: INXS
3. Interlude-Libation, The Water Ritual - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones from Live Art
4. Set the Ray to Jerry - Smashing Pumpkins from Judas O
5. Resolve - The Foo Fighters from In Your Honor
6. Hot in Herre - Nelly from Grammy Nominees 2003
7. Surrender - U2 from War
8. Numb - U2 from the digital box set
9. Mr. Sandman - Pat Boone from In a Metal Mood
10. Never is A Promise - Fiona Apple from Tidal


Roland said...

haha you finally got that Pat Boone cd? :-D

Hutch said...

How many songs do you have on that thing now? I want to do a top ten to be like all the other cool kids, but I'm holding off until I get all my cds loaded onto my ipod.

Nick said...

I didn't buy the CD, just downloaded about seven songs from Itunes. I'm at 919, including 200+ U2 songs, and I have yet to load Rattle & Hum, All That You Can't Leave Behind, Achtung Baby, Passengers, Zooropa or October (because I can't freaking find them anywhere!!!). I have a long way to go too. I haven't even dug into the boxes of CDs in the garage yet. Just the stuff that had been in my car and at work.