Friday, September 22, 2006

He's Still a Genius (in France)

Weird Al's new album is coming out next Tuesday. I know I'm a nerd, but he's still REALLY good at what he does. He did a spot on rendition of You're Beautiful, that won't be on the album:

And the newest video is for "White and Nerdy" An amazing Chamelionarre parody:

He will also have a Green Day parody: "Canadian Idiot" and parodies of Usher, Taylor Hicks and R.Kelly (Trapped in the Drive Through), which is sure to be funny.

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Courtney Weekley said...

Nick! Hey its Courtney!! I can't even believe you moved to Oregon... how did that come about? I moved back to Phoenix, but it sucks here, and Irvine Co. offered me my job back... I'll be out there around Christmas time, I miss it out there, but they are hooking me up big time!! So anyways, fill me in on your life!! How are the kids and Melissa? And you?? My email is still fill me in! Hope all is well, and blessings!