Friday, June 03, 2005

Vacation Time!

Ok, so I don't have any fun white-water rafting plans or anything, but I have the next FOUR WEEKS off from work! I am so excited to get a break. I get to be at home and spending time with Melissa and the kids. I, of course, also have a long list of honey do's to take care of and Crystal is having her baby in the middle of the month and moving in, but it will be relaxing nonetheless. Here's some of the stuff I have to get done this month: Get Mel's windshield fixed, get my Corrolla fixed from when it got broken into, put the elliptical machine together, get the dogs to the groomers, landscape the backyard, clean and organize the garage, put together my resume for a possible job interview or two, get our budget back on track...I know there's more, but that's all I can think of.

I also get to celebrate the beginning of my vacation with POKER NIGHT! All I've done the last five or six times I've played is no-limit hold 'em tournaments, so tonight we'll be doing a good ol' fashioned dealer's choice cash night. Since I'll be at home with the kids (Mel's got a Girlz Night planned, too), it's easier for me to get out from a hand or two if they wake up and I need to take care of them. It should be a fun night. Jerm is FINALLY able to play with us, unfortunately, some of the crew that normally plays can't make it. We will have Jerm, Josh, Shan, Hutch, Nick, Dave Meloni from my bible study and possibly Aaron, Josh's boss.


BrendoMan said...

Dude, when I move up to O.C. (hopefully in the next couple weeks) we'll have to hang out. Maybe catch an Angels game or something. I'm having a birthday party on the 25th. I don't know the details yet, but I'd love to have you guys there.

Mark said...

Crap, if Jerm is here, I have to come. He always feeds me the cash. I suddenly feel the flu coming on. Cannot play softball tonight.

Darth said...

be sure to take p-hutch's money.