Monday, June 06, 2005

I win!

Well, we finally got Jerm to a poker night, and I tell ya, it was well worth it. He was the first one eliminated once we did a no-limit tournament, and HE was the one pushing hardest for the tourney. We had eight people and after about 1 1/2 hours and one time around the table doing dealers choice (which I could feel a lot of people weren't too stoked about), we decided to do a tournament anyway. It only took us about 1:45 to complete the tournament. After I knocked out Jerm (he went all-in on me and I had the pocket rockets) and took a HUGE pot calling Shan's bluff, I had a huge chip lead and was able to knock everyone out one by one. I finished first ($70), Shan took second ($50) and Josh took third ($20) we had a 20-dollar buy in.

It was nice to have a good tourney for once. The last few times I played I wasn't taking it as seriously, played over-agressive and got knocked out, out of the money.

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Roland said...

I learned my lesson long ago not to gamble with you.