Monday, June 27, 2005

Well, you gotta start somewhere...

Last Friday I went golfing with my father-in-law, Paul and Brad Hutchins at Cathedral Canyon Golf Club near Palm Springs. I suck. I mean, I REALLY suck. I'm still very new to the game, and learning on the fly as far as how to use certain clubs, etc. Here were our scores

Tom - 102
Brad - 134
Paul - 145
Nick - 158

That's right, a 158. That includes a 19 on a par-5, in which I hit the water FIVE times. I also had two 14's and a 12. I had a pair of double-bogeys on Par-threes and those were my best two.


chris said...

wow, that's some major suckage. and i thought me and my 115-120ish range was bad. you win the worst golfer prize.

Jeremy said...

I think I shot something like 145 my first time out, don't feel bad.

You know what I'd recommend? See if your local course offers a short course at nights, one night a week for like 6-8 weeks. They're often really affordable, and it made a big difference for me. I routinely shoot in the 90s now even without playing as much as I'd like.

Roland said...

Thats what Andy Youngmark did when we were roommates.

James Lash said...

This is an interesting blog. Cheers to the owners.

Anonymous said...

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