Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Roland Morgan: Trend Setter

These things used to go around in email form. Now we use are blogs.

1. The National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences.
2. How anybody could allow themselves to love their work more than their family.
3. America's obsession with No-Talent Ass Clowns

1. I almost went to George Fox instead of Biola
2. I hate sports.....just kidding
3. I like Chick-Lit

1. Movie you Netflixed: Office Space
2. Movie you bought: Two Veggietales DVDs
3. Song you listened to: Babo O'Rielly - The WHO, in my car
4. CD you bought: Vineyard Worship CD with "Surrender" on it. I will by buying Billy Corgan's album VERY soon. And Coldplay.
5. TV show you've watched: Sportscenter this morning.
6. Person you kissed: My wife
7. Person you were thinking of: My wife

1. You have a crush on someone: I've had a crush on my wife for almost seven years.
2. You wish you could live somewhere else: I wish I could live in the O.C., but I'm not a millionaire.
3. You think about suicide: Not since high school
4. You believe in online dating: Not for me. I believe that it works for the right person.
5. Others find you attractive: Other than my wife, I have no idea.
6. You want more piercings: Have none, want none.
7. You drink: Not currently. I had a drink at dinner last week, but for the most part, I don't drink when my wife is pregnant.
8. You do drugs: I have a near daily Excedrin habit.
9. You smoke: Hell no.
10. You like cleaning: No.
11. You like roller coasters: Love 'em.
12. You write in cursive or print: Print.
13. You like soap operas: I have recently been cured of my O.C. addiction. Because my wife and sister-in-law watch it, I keep pretty up to date on All My Children. I used to love Days of our Lives.

1. Ever cried over a girl: I had my heart broken numerous times in high school.
2. Ever cried over a boy: When my best (and at the time, ONLY) friend Felipe moved to Corona.
3. Ever lied to someone: Yes.
4. Ever been in a fist fight: Once. I threw a punch, missed and his mom walked in. We were twelve.
5. Ever been arrested: Nope.

1. Shampoo do you use: Herbal Essence.
2. Shoes do you wear: Vans, mostly.
3. Is your desktop background:
This Picture at Home, This Picture at Work

1. Of times you have been in love: Once. There were another handful of times I THOUGHT I was in love.
2. Of times you have had your heart broken: Too many. But I had an overly fragile heart in high school.
3. Of girls/guys you have kissed: Girls: too many to admit. I was a man-whore. Guys: I think just three: Brad Clark, Paul Hutchins and Roland.
4. Of drugs taken illegally: none. I had one sliver of alcohol in 6th grade.
5. Of people you would classify as true, could-trust-with-your-life type friends: ten-ish
6. Of people you consider my enemies: Just Garrett Anderson.
7. Of scars on your body: Legit scars, One. When I was a "roadie" in high school for my friends metal band Malicide, We thought we would be cool and try to fly into the side of a van all Indiana Jones like on a big flat rolling dolly. I headed towards the van really fast, planted to jump off, realized that if I jumped, I would hit the parking lot as the dolly slipped out from under me. I froze and didn't move, slammed into the side of the van and got a dime-sized puncture wound on my knee.
8. Of things in your past that you regret: I regret some very immature actions that I took during my second year of college. Other than that, I try not to have regrets. I try to look at every step as a part of my journey towards a more authentic relationship with Christ and with my wife.

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Roland said...

No-talent assclowns = Billy Corgan and Coldplay

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