Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Kids are Alright

I am on a huge Who kick right now. I've always like them, growing up under the umbrella of my dad's musical tastes, which had always been Arrow 93.1 (R.I.P.) and KLOS. I had always wanted to buy Tommy and finally did about a year ago. I don't buy music too often, so it was just a month ago that I grabbed the Ulimate Collection. I'll get "Who's Next" next. I haven't done a list in a while, so here's my top-15 favorite Who songs.

1. Seeker
2. Baba O'Riley
3. My Generation
4. Pinball Wizard
5. Won't Get Fooled Again
6. Behind Blue Eyes
7. Bargain
8. Substitute
9. I Can See for Miles
10. Who Are you
11. You Better You Bet
12. I'm Free
13. Sparks
14. Magic Bus
15. Happy Jack


Roland said...

For me, it's

The Real Me
Behind Blue Eyes
Magic Bus

In that order.

Nick said...

The Real Me would be next. It might actually be higher than that on any given day.

Roland said...

Well I'm a bass player, which explains it's high ranking on my list. :-)