Friday, September 02, 2005

Checking in with Rock Star

Although I was pretty disappointed to see Ty go home before JD, it really doesn't matter, since neither of them have a legitimate chance at winning.

I now believe that Mig will win hands down and at this point it looks like it will be a final-two showdown with Suzie. Where the heck did she come from!?!? She's been complete nails lately.

I still love Marty and he is still my favorite, but I don't see him as the lead singer for INXS. The lead singer for a rock band for sure, just not INXS. And he NAILED Wish You were Here, by the way...freaking phenomenal.

As for Jordis I hope she outlasts JD, but she also has no shot at winning. She's just too young and "I just don't think she's right for INXS".

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Moe said...

I miss you baby!