Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It'll be you and me, up in the trees

Dude. Rock Star has taken a serious turn this week. There is a new front runner, and although I used to think he was the worst of the bunch (so much drama), I'm actually ok with him winning this thing. It'll also keep me from being compelled to see them live, which will save money that I don't have for concert tickets.

Suzie - I thought last night was pretty lackluster for her, even though the audience and the bandmates seemed to enjoy it. She faltered during What's Up, a song I love (because I can play it).

J.D. - Absolutely hit a home run. The band gave him Pretty Vegas again, I think to proof to the guys that he can nail the same song night after night, which is what touring is all about. And then he goes and does a great job with Money. One of my top-three favorite Pink Floyd songs. It didn't hurt that the house band does such an amazing job with so many songs.

Marty - I freaking love "Trees", no matter how ridiculously cheesy the lyrics are. And he nailed Creep, too. I love that he didn't hold back from his "screamy" thing, even though the band has told him they don't like it. It worked perfect for this song, and he isn't completely selling himself out. Only needed the crazy conductor.

Mig - Melissa thinks that he got the short end of the stick on song selection, because the band wanted him to falter and get into the bottom three. Controversy aside, I thought he did a mediocre job with the songs. I LOVE Paint it Black, but it just didn't work for me. Kiss from a Rose is a good song, but terrible for this competition. Only Seal gets away with making it sound like anything but Karaoke. If that song is to be covered, it has to have a dramatic change in style to work. It didn't and Mig didn't. Mig is wearing thin on me and I don't want him to win. He has this creepy gay-stripper look to him and he reminds me of a "nice-guys" Perry Farrell.

It's too hard to say who might be going home this week, between Suzie and Mig. I can only guarantee that JD and Marty will stick around. They have two potential hit singles for the band. J.D. is the front runner at this point and he has the charisma, voice, songwriting and leadership to be very successful. And with a song like Pretty Vegas, INXS will easily get back onto radio, both in the KROQ and STAR type of worlds.

I still like Marty the best, but I want him to front his own band (why not the house band from the show?) I want Suzie to win over J.D., because I would personally be more interested in the band. No matter what happens, it's been a fun show to watch!


jeri said...

I still think J.D. comes across as a poser. If the band chooses him I'll have no respect for them. His voice really isn't that good and he still sort of sounds like an Elvis impersonator a lot of the time.

I vote for Marty or Mig.

Moe said...

I said the same thing about J.D. sounding like an Elvis impersonator! Especially on last nights elemination show during his INXS song. It's a tough call for me at this point. I think I'm cool with any of the 3 winning. I knew Suzzie had to go. Nick thought it would be Mig last night by my vote was on Suzzie. I was thinking the band may pick J.D. after his Pretty Vegas and Money preformance but after seeing him do the INXS song last night I'm not so sure. Each of them has something to add to the band so it's a hard call. I guess I will have to decide after next week's preformances.