Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Suzie's gunna win

After watching another flawless performance and seeing a strong original song from Suzie McNiel, I believe that she will end up as the winner of Rock Star:INXS. Mig is still the logical front-runner, but he is starting to show a few kinks along the way. Marty is still my favorite and he was FLAWLESS last night. I love "Trees" and can totally hear it being played on Star 98.7 next week. He just doesn't quite fit in with the band and won't win. I can't believe that J.D. is loved so much. I can't stand him. There is no way he's going to win this thing. And poor Jordis. It's just time for the girl to go home. She's to this competition what John Stephens was to the third season of American Idol. She's just to young but hopefully this experience will help propell her own solo career.

I also had this thought last night: Marty should join up with the "house band" and form a group. They would rule.

I think Marty will be getting the original encore for tonight and I think Suzie will get the cover encore.

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Moe said...

My vote is still on Mig but Suzzie would be cool too.